Your Members’ Expectations – Exceeded

Become an irreplaceable resource for members with content that helps them succeed – and fuels engagement.  

Associations and buying groups aspire to create value for and engage their members. Content is one of the most effective ways to do so, but finding the time to produce the quality assets members deserve is a challenge. We’re here to help you realize the content opportunities on your wish list – from blog posts to industry outlooks – so you can provide the experience members crave. 

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“Lindsay and the 3 Aspens Media team are outstanding at what they do. Lindsay’s reputation in the industry precedes her. They are easy to work with and I feel like they truly understand our business. 3 Aspens produces consistent, quality deliverables that are spot on for our industry. We love the collaborative process and fresh ideas they bring to the table. No matter the size of your company, I highly recommend Lindsay and her team for all your content marketing needs.”

Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer Murphy

President, NetPlus Alliance

3 Aspens Media helped NetPlus Alliance launch a proprietary Quarterly Industry Outlook their customers can rely on for critical industry trends, benchmarks and more. 

What can associations and buying groups do with content?

Educate and engage members.

Provide the high-quality, helpful resources members expect as part of your network in the form of blogs, guides, ebooks, newsletters, reports and more.  

Attract new members.

Gain a reputation for helpfulness and improve visibility with SEO, social media and other tactics that drive attention to your brand. 

Demonstrate industry expertise and authority.

The foundation of your organization is industry expertise. Amplify that with strategic content that shows your depth of knowledge. 

Provide unmatched value.

Content is a differentiator when it’s helpful, authentic and high-quality. Give your members resources they can’t get anywhere else. 

Meet members where they are.

Members want to interact with you in different ways, such as your website, social media and events. Content helps you meet their expectations. 

How will you use our services to showcase your expertise?

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How We Can Help

Newsletters (Print/Digital)  

Stay in touch with your members with regular, high-quality print and digital newsletters. Our team drives and supports:  

  • Editorial planning  
  • Writing articles  
  • Image selection 
  • Design  
  • Print preparation and coordination 
  • Digital publishing  
  • Project management  

Industry Outlook  

Produce a custom industry outlook for your members on a quarterly or annual basis. Lean on us for:  

  • Member surveys  
  • Data analysis  
  • Follow-up member interviews  
  • Articles covering analysis and insight 
  • Editing of contributed articles   
  • Custom data visuals  
  • Report design and publishing  

Research-Based Reports  

Develop original research around topics relevant to your members or synthesize and repurpose existing research to extend its value. We can facilitate:  

  • Planning, custom to your needs  
  • All production: research, writing, design  
  • Recommendations for follow-up promotion  
  • Additional related content development to extend the life of the research  

Read more about conducting original industry research. >> 

Blogs and Guest Posts  

Build an online resource library for your members with blogs and/or grow your reputation by placing bylined articles in industry publications. We help organizations with:  

  • Editorial planning and calendar  
  • Ghostwriting in various content formats  
  • Editing contributed content  
  • Publishing blogs on your website   
  • Support for online user experience   
  • Identifying and working with the right publications for guest posts  

Audio and Video 

When it comes to absorbing information, everyone’s different. Supplement your text-based promotional material with thoughtful and dynamic videos and podcasts. We’ll help you:  

  • Pinpoint subjects that would benefit from a multimedia approach  
  • Craft scripts for audio/video content  
  • Produce said content  
  • Position said content on your website 

Associations and Buying Groups