B2B Video Services and Podcast Production

Boost your online presence with videos, webinars and podcasts. Drive business with a fresh multimedia approach to marketing content.  

Everyone Absorbs Information Differently

By supplementing text-based marketing content with podcasts, webinars and videos, you can meaningfully connect with more people. We’ll help you:  

  • Identify ideal audio/podcast or video opportunities  
  • Craft thoughtful, natural-sounding scripts 
  • Produce high-quality content that reaches a wider audience 

At 3 Aspens Media, we can work with you to create a standalone podcast, webinar or video project or incorporate these services into your retainer. 

B2B Video Services and Podcast Production

About Us Video 

Introduce your company and leadership to potential clients and customers. Make your company’s name mean something while also putting a face to the name. 

Subject Matter Consultation 

What existing text-based content could be adapted into a video or podcast? Are there any subjects that haven’t been covered yet that would make a good video? 

Video Outlining & Scripting

We’ll work with you to develop an outline that covers all the information you want to include and then develop it into a script that fits your company’s voice. 

Self-Production Assistance 

Want to keep it simple? We’ll use our production know-how to set you up for success and help you create a polished video without leaving your desk. 

Advanced Production Services

We can also leverage our B2B video production connections to create videos with a full professional crew wherever you are. Or, if you prefer, we can use animation or motion graphics to bring your script to life.  

On-Camera Direction 

Nervous about being on camera? We have plenty of experience directing non-actors to help them feel comfortable and come across naturally on screen 

Q&A Development for Interview Content 

“Unscripted” content still requires prep. We can help you develop interesting questions for interview-driven video or podcast formats.  

Editing & Postproduction Services 

Timing isn’t everything, but it’s almost everything. We’ll make sure your video is edited in a way that keeps viewers interested. We’ll also add finishing touches like music and chyrons that work with your brand.  

Content Uploading & Hosting 

Our team will take care of uploading your content to your preferred hosting platform and add SEO-optimized titles and descriptions.  

Content Positioning & Press Outreach 

We can help you determine where your video content should live on your website and how to post it on social media for maximum engagement. We can also help you connect with press outlets to get your content covered on news sites where your clients and customers are most likely to see it.  

B2B Video Services and Podcast Production