B2B Content Planning Services

What to write or create, in what format and on which channel – these decisions should be made with intention. And someone needs to oversee the plan. It just so happens that strategic content planning is one of our obsessions.

Lindsay and her team brought this skill set that we were greatly lacking. They have helped us get out well written blog posts and e-mail marketing campaigns, as well as marketing through social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. They brainstorm with us biweekly and our customer communication and awareness has grown in leaps and bounds! The team at 3 Aspens professionally organizes our marketing calendar and always keeps us focused on our messaging and purpose, helping us consistently and professionally staying in front of our customers.”

Gary Wack

President, Superior Industrial Supply

No More Throwing Content at the Wall to See What Sticks

Strategic content planning means each asset you produce serves a purpose for a specific audience and goal. This goes beyond strategizing and outlining what you’ll do – you must also make it happen. That’s usually where companies get caught up. When you start with a plan and follow through, your content is more likely to:

Resonate with your ideal customers

Achieve the sales and marketing goals you set

Be more consistent and effective

At 3 Aspens Media, we have backgrounds in publishing, project management, content planning and content strategy. We can help you develop a purposeful content plan, complete with topics, distribution channels and dates. And then, if needed, we help you execute that plan.

How It Works

Planning for Impact

Planning content with our clients is ongoing – by necessity. We’ll kick off our partnership with an initial content strategy that sets the tone for your content and establishes goals in line with your marketing objectives. From there, we frequently touch base to make sure the content plan is relevant to the client, their customers and current industry trends. We support planning by working with clients to:

Taking Content from A to Z

Our planning services include managing your editorial calendar, which goes beyond what’s on the spreadsheet. We handle task management and communications to make sure the to-dos get done. For example, we offer:

Content Planning