Want to Increase Marketing Effectiveness? Get Creative

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    Many B2B companies are still struggling with the shift from traditional forms of advertising to more creative and innovative ways of conveying their brand message. The result is a need for creative and innovative marketers in their organizations.

    B2B companies have often relied on data-driven marketing campaigns and left-brained marketers for decision making. But as the need for storytelling and brand awareness increases, organizations must embrace a more creative culture. While data and analytics are crucial for measuring effectiveness, those qualities alone do not necessarily create an effective marketing culture.

    Fostering Creativity

    In this article from Fast Company, they explained why right-brained creative thinkers are in demand and the assets they bring to the table. In addition to playing a prominent role in marketing and advertising, don’t be afraid to place right-brained creatives in leadership roles. They bring a necessary skill set into a fast-changing world.

    Being creative isn’t just important in the workplace. As explained in Time, research from San Francisco State University showed that being creative outside of the workplace makes people better at their jobs. Whether people spend time gardening, writing or pursuing artistic endeavors, employees fare better when they have time to do creative things they enjoy. Companies should ask employees or potential employees about side hobbies and interests and encourage employees to pursue their passions.

    Valuing Creativity

    MarketingProfs’ recent article on the Seven Key Traits of Desirable Marketing Talent emphasizes this point: “Today, creativity seems to be dwarfed by the bean counters and their singular focus on growth… or the lack of it. We know creativity has immense power to create business growth, but it will take those who still practice its magic to lead the way.”

    As content marketing specialists, we agree. Does your B2B company value and foster creativity? Are you actively seeking and retaining innovative employees?

    And speaking of creativity, read our thoughts on whether or not humor has a place in B2B marketing space.

    Want to Increase Marketing Effectiveness? Get Creative