Supply Tigers Gains Praise – and Leads – for Whitepaper Produced with 3 Aspens Media

Supply Tigers, Inc. was in a bind: They needed to deliver a whitepaper for a media partnership within the week and their marketing agency couldn’t follow through on the content.

They engaged with 3 Aspens Media based on a recommendation, and they weren’t disappointed. They not only met their deadline for the media partnership but were also commended by that partner for producing an outstanding resource. They’ve since re-distributed the whitepaper to extend its reach. And they’ve received 30+ leads they can tie directly to the whitepaper, which surpassed their goal.

About Supply Tigers: Supply Tigers uses a combination of their Marketplace as a Service (MaaS™) and Active Group Purchasing Organization (Active GPO®) to empower small and mid-market companies to modernize their purchasing solutions and processes.

Challenge: A Quick Turnaround on an Expert-Level Whitepaper

Supply Tigers had been offered space in a media partner’s post-industry forum email blast. The email would go to all forum attendees, and it would include a preview of a whitepaper by Supply Tigers, as well as the option to download the whitepaper or open it as an attachment.

Supply Tigers expected their marketing agency would be up to the task, but the agency couldn’t deliver at an expert, industry-informed level. Supply Tigers had run into similar issues with marketing agencies in the past, and they needed to find an agency that could hit the mark – and hit it quick. Their best bet was to find a specialized agency in the distribution space.

They reached out to an industrial distribution consultant in their network for a recommendation. “We said, ‘We’re in a pickle,’” Randy Briesath, CEO of Supply Tigers, said. “’We need somebody who knows how to write about industrial, MRO and distribution – and can build the content quickly.’”

That contact recommended 3 Aspens Media, so the Supply Tigers team reached out and engaged us for the project.

“3 Aspens Media came through in an amazing way. Not only on time, but with a great piece. The team was much more seasoned and had specific experience in and around our space. They had a different business maturity to them that really came through in the way they put together content.” – Randy Briesath

Solution: A Specialized Agency to the Rescue

3 Aspens Media worked quickly with Supply Tigers to understand their brand, product and objectives. This involved conversations with the Supply Tigers team, as well as reviewing existing resources. They then delivered the whitepaper in time for the deadline without a hiccup.

“It was very quick, partly because we hit 3 Aspens Media in a sweet spot. It’s an area they know very well: They knew the terminology, where to get the talking points from, the right words to use. It worked out great.” – Randy Briesath

Outcome: One Deadline Met – All Expectations Exceeded

Follow-Through – and Then Some

Supply Tigers appreciated that 3 Aspens Media delivered on their promises and exceeded their expectations for quality.

“3 Aspens Media did what they said they were going to do – on time and at the price point they quoted – and we needed that,” Briesath said. “We kept waiting for them to say, ‘We’re going to need two more days, three more days or more money.’ That never happened. I can’t tell you how much it meant to us that they did what they said they were going to do, on time and on budget. And that the piece itself is a great piece that’s worthy of a recommendation and referral.”

A Secure Media Partnership

The company was relieved that this engagement with 3 Aspens Media meant they could deliver on their own promise to their media partner.

“3 Aspens Media probably saved our partnership with that media company,” Briesath said. “They had saved a space in their email blast for us. You don’t get to miss those and have a happy partner. It went a long way in helping us maintain our relationship with them.”

To boot, the media company was impressed with the whitepaper. “They were very complimentary of the piece,” Briesath said. “It was one of the better whitepapers they’d seen come across their desk in quite a while.”

Visibility and Direct Leads

Due to the expertise and value the whitepaper provides, many readers were eager to engage with it. The initial email was viewed 100+ times and led to 36 downloads. A second email to a targeted audience of executives, which resulted in hundreds more views and 70 more downloads. Today, Supply Tigers can tie 30+ leads back to this whitepaper.

Continued Value

Supply Tigers ran the whitepaper twice to continue providing value to audiences and value back to the company. Both times, the whitepaper did well. Both iterations were in the top three most successful initiatives they did with that media partner in 2022.

Today, Supply Tigers has made the whitepaper available on their website and their salespeople continue to use the material in their interactions with customers and prospects. Further, the way the whitepaper was written, they’ve been able to make minor adjustments to repurpose it for other industry verticals.


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Supply Tigers Gains Praise – and Leads – for Whitepaper Produced with 3 Aspens Media