Our Marketing Must-Reads: Inside the B2B Customer’s Mind, How to Use Clickbait & More

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    We read a lot, and we’re on a lot of email lists. We like it that way, but we know you might not have the time to read every piece on marketing and content that comes your way. In the spirit of sharing, we will occasionally share links to our favorite tips, tricks and insights from around the web on content, marketing and business in general. In this content round-up, we share some of our favorites.

    Our 5 Favorite Content Marketing Reads (This Month)

    1. “Inside the Mind of The B2B Customer” from Forbes

    Some articles paint a picture of B2B buyers as being completely different than B2C buyers. Others argue that the two groups are essentially the same. This article by Forbes contributor Blake Morgan finds middle ground, concisely highlighting these customers’ differences and similarities.

    Read the article on Forbes.

    2. “Words That Convert: Test, Learn, Repeat” from Content Marketing Institute

    This article questions the wisdom of adopting conversion keyword best practices based solely on the experiences of other companies. Instead, says Wider Funnel Founder Chris Goward, companies should conduct A/B testing to find out which keywords convert their prospects at the highest rate. They can then draw inferences from those results to learn more about their audience’s “motivational leaning,” and use that knowledge for even deeper optimization.

    Read the article on CMI.

    3. “Where Clickbait, Linkbait, and Viral Content Fit in SEO Campaigns” from Moz

    Content that answers prospects’ questions or otherwise gives them the information they’re looking for is great for building a brand’s reputation in the minds of potential customers. But, as Rand Fishkin argues in the latest edition of Moz’s popular Whiteboard Friday series, that kind of content isn’t always enough to be seen as authoritative by search engines like Google. That’s where “linkbait” – a type of content that is less relevant to a brand’s core messaging but significantly more shareable – comes into play.

    Watch the video or read the transcript on Moz.

    4. “Primal Marketing: 4 Ways to Create an Instant Connection with Customers” from Entrepreneur

    If you read What to Read to Raise Your Marketing Game (and How to Find the Time) late last year, you already know we’re fans of Patrick Hanlon’s book “Primal Marketing.” Don’t have time for a full book? Check out Entrepreneur guest writer Cynthia Price’s latest blog on the subject, which covers everything from the psychology of color to our hardwiring for remembering stories.

    Read on Entrepreneur.

    5. “The Drive to Grow vs. The Drive to Serve” by Contently

    This fun piece reads like the inner dialogue of a marketer torn between serving their customers’ needs and serving their own. Writer Jay Acunzo pulls no punches as he illustrates the importance of trusting that serving customer needs will result in the accomplishment of our goals, and he reveals the biggest obstacle to realizing that trust.

    Read on Contently.

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    Our Marketing Must-Reads: Inside the B2B Customer’s Mind, How to Use Clickbait & More