What Does Your About Us Page Say About You?

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    The About Us page is generally the second most-visited page on any website, after the homepage. For such a visible page, it’s often an overlooked opportunity for many companies. The About Us page is a critical stopping point for visitors to learn who you are, what you do, and what makes you unique. The problem with many About Us pages is that so few of them contain the essential components that convert readers into customers.

    An About Us page should go beyond just the basic information about your company history, employees and mission. Avoid About Us page templates. An effective About Us page should contain the following elements:

    Connect with the Customer First

    A common mistake that many companies make is using the page like an “All About Me” poster from grade school. Make sure your content is customer-centric instead of company-centric. Imagine your ideal customer’s questions and concerns. Your About Us page should focus on what’s in it for them.

    Tell Your Unique Story

    As content marketers, we believe that everyone has a story to tell. Your story is what makes your brand unique and your company yours. Sharing that story shines a light on your personality and adds another layer for connection with potential customers.

    Show Your Real Personality

    Is your company culture serious, quirky, or a little bit silly? Make sure your real personality shines through in your About Us page. After visiting the homepage, prospective buyers are looking for a reason to choose you over someone else.

    Build Their Trust 

    Do you belong to a professional organization? Are you certified to provide a service? This is the place to include those designations along with any awards and accolades you’ve received. It’s OK to brag a little. Those little details can set you apart from your competitors and build trust with a prospective buyer.

    Make a Request 

    Every website page should contain a specific CTA or call to action. Create links that ask the reader to act on an offer or read further. The goal of your About Us page should ultimately be to draw the reader further into your website and keep them there.
    Since visitors will decide very quickly about your company while viewing your website, it’s also wise to place the most important information above the fold (at the top of the page before scrolling is required). That’s why it’s important to start the story where the story starts and avoid using vague details or salesy language that can turn readers away.

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    What Does Your About Us Page Say About You?