6 Ways Content Can Enhance Your Customers’ Experience

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    The goal of content is to align marketing and sales departments in a way that creates the best possible experience for the customer. Part of that is extracting years of wisdom and know-how from the sales team and crafting it into a helpful resource. This resource can actually provide more value to the customer than traditional advertising.

    In fact, businesses will be investing more in content creation throughout 2019 than they will in ad spend, according to Forbes. More and more internet users are getting tired of being sold to and would rather have a more helpful and personalized experience. This is evident in the more than three-quarters of North Americans that engage in at least one form of ad blocking, according to Deloitte Global Survey.

    Your buyers are using content in their purchasing. DemandGen’s 2016 Content Preference Report indicated that 80% of B2B buyers consume at least 3 pieces of content before even talking to a sales person. And for the most part, anyone serious about growing and sustaining their business understands the importance of having relevant and helpful content available to their customers. But, what should this content look like?

    Here are 6 ways businesses can use content to create a more dynamic customer experience:

    1. Create blog articles that offer solutions to the challenges your customers face.
    2. Create an FAQ page that provides quick answers to common questions.
    3. Develop case studies that highlight how your services can help solve their problems.
    4. Engage with your customers on social media through helpful and relevant posts.
    5. Create videos that show customers how your products and services work.
    6. Post reviews from current customers on their purchasing experiences.

    Your website and social channels can become an extension of your sales force, chock full of advice and solutions gleaned straight from your top-performing salespeople. Sit down with your sales team and ask them to share their experiences and know-how.

    There’s a ton of intel that even the most generous salesperson will hold tight to their vest. It’s their experience they’ve gathered through years of blood, sweat and tears. Giving that information away feels scary, but it’s important to remember that creating content for your customers is not about giving away trade secrets. It’s simply to provide another resource that helps your customers make the best purchasing decisions possible. It’s also about letting them know they can rely on you for help when they need it (even if it’s 3AM in Denver).

    6 Ways Content Can Enhance Your Customers’ Experience