3 Aspens Media Helps Innovative Productivity Technologies Reach Key Industries

Innovative Productivity Technologies (IPT) does business with many top-tier manufacturers that require non-disclosure agreements due to their proprietary designs and processes.

This makes it difficult to obtain case studies from most of their clients. The team at 3 Aspens suggested creating Industry Use Case Studies to showcase the benefits of the tools of one of their member companies, Deburring Technologies, LLC, the North American partner for Xebec® Technology Company.

The 3 Aspens team created the Xebec industry case studies by:

  • Working with the IPT team to determine which industries to focus on.
  • Interviewing sales reps to learn why and how Xebec tools were advantageous for use in those industries.
  • Gaining examples of solutions to highlight for each case study
  • Integrating external research for additional insight on industry concerns and outlook
  • Report writing and creation, including layout and graphics, obtaining and linking to material from client’s website

3 Aspens Media has worked with IPT since 2020, producing content for several of their product lines, such as: blogs, email campaigns, website and social media content, guest publications in trade magazines, press releases, printable assets and case studies.

“From day one, the dedication, creativity and overall talent of the 3 Aspens Media team was inherently obvious. They instantly embedded themselves into our business, collaborating with our team to quickly gain and uncanny understanding of our products and thus their impact has been immediate and impressive.”

Rob Johnson, President, IPT

“The team is so easy to work with. They’ve consistently gone above and beyond in research – taking the time to really learn our products and understand how they are used. I’m always impressed with their smart new ideas to inform our customers.”

Grant Jedlinksy, Marketing Director, IPT

3 Aspens Media Helps Innovative Productivity Technologies Reach Key Industries