3 Aspens Media Helps Enavate Showcase Value with Case Studies

Enavate is a technology partner that takes a people-centric approach in supporting clients with Microsoft implementations and services. The company takes pride in helping businesses transform with confidence. Enavate has an enduring reputation for helping their customers achieve their goals. However, the company did face a challenge when it came to developing customer success stories that they could share with prospects to showcase their success.

In 2022, Enavate decided to prioritize the development of these case studies. For the Enavate marketing team, it only made sense to turn to their existing content partner 3 Aspens Media for support and guidance. Enavate has worked with 3 Aspens Media since 2018, collaborating to produce content including blog posts, ebooks and social media posts.

“Partnering with 3 Aspens was number one. It was great having a legacy partner who understood the language and goal.” – Ashley Jackson, Client Marketing Strategist, Enavate

Challenge: A Mandate to Develop Effective Case Studies with Slim Resources

Enavate needed customer success stories for use in business development and other areas. Case studies are powerful. With them, you let customers speak for you. They enhance your company’s credibility, reveal solutions to pain points your prospects may relate to, and tell a story – a great way to engage potential customers. Enavate wanted to have case studies ready and in hand for when prospects ask: Do you have an example you could share?

However, their marketing team was additionally challenged by tight resources. To produce the number of case studies they hoped for in 2022, they would need help.

They already had a strong, reliable partnership with 3 Aspens Media. So, they leaned into that partnership and asked 3 Aspens Media to play a major role in organizing, managing and executing the project.

“We’re a small but mighty team,” Jackson said. “We do a lot. It was really nice that 3 Aspens came in, asked for just one or two pieces from our team and took the lead. Their partnership with us is essential.”

Solution: A Partnership that Lightened the Load – and Exceeded Expectations

Enavate met with 3 Aspens Media to set expectations and assign responsibilities. Throughout the engagement, they stayed in constant communication to adjust their approach as needed and ensure expectations were being met.

For each case study, Jackson would introduce their customer to the 3 Aspens Media team and describe how the process would work. “From there, 3 Aspens stepped in and coordinated everything,” Jackson said. The 3 Aspens Media team scheduled and conducted interviews, developed copy, managed approvals and designed the case studies as part of the engagement.

With 3 Aspens Media, Enavate produced several more case studies than they would’ve been able to produce on their own in the time required.

“We have six,” Jackson said, with plans to develop more over the coming year. “I can confidently say that this has been a seamless process. For this being our first round of case studies and we were able to publish so many, that speaks volumes.”

Outcome: A Bountiful Harvest – that Continues to Grow

Quality Content to Demonstrate Quality Work

As a result of this engagement, Enavate now has six case studies (and counting) they can use in business development, on their website and more. They used one of these case studies to demonstrate their work at a pivotal conference, Community Summit.

“We were able to highlight this important client ERP migration success,” Jackson said. “Showcasing our experience and skills and providing visibility on the company at a big conference. That was a big deal.”

Project Management with a Human Touch

The Enavate team appreciated the dedication to process 3 Aspens Media brought to the engagement. Coordinating and developing case studies involves many steps, stakeholders and approvals.

“It’s one thing to get our account managers to nominate clients,” said Abbie Clements, Product Marketing Manager at Enavate. “It’s another to get it all on the calendar, move everything forward and get it streamlined.”

3 Aspens Media’s Client Success Manager (CSM) worked to ensure 3 Aspens had all the information needed at their fingertips, so the Enavate team could easily review and approve as needed without taking any detours.

“We’re a small team, so it’s really easy for us to get pulled in different directions,” Jackson said. “It’s nice to have a partner that will help keep us focused.”

The 3 Aspens CSM not only kept the process in motion, but she did so in a way they felt was supportive and amiable to all involved, according to Clements. They appreciated that their CSM was mindful of their schedules, responsibilities, concerns and even vacations.

“It’s just incredibly easy to work with 3 Aspens Media,” Clements said. “There’s no agenda. It’s super consultative. They are able to help us keep the train moving, which is huge because we are very tight on resources. There’s too much to do and not enough time.”

Flexible Support Amid Changes

Throughout the years of their engagement with Enavate, 3 Aspens Media has been able to adjust the level of support and services they provide as needed.

For this case study project, Enavate needed more project management and interaction with their customers than usual, as well as design services.

“We’ve done so much pivoting and 3 Aspens has rolled with it every single time,” said Danielle Parks, Director of Product Marketing at Enavate. “If we need additional help, they can simply plug in. From a relationship standpoint, with an outsourced content company, it’s so important to know that they are always available to support us. 3 Aspens really is part of our team. Having them ingrained in some of our internal systems makes moving these projects along so much easier.”

“3 Aspens is as hands-on or hands-off as desired,” Clements said. “We were in dire need of current case studies, and they were ready to own as much of it as we needed.”

“If you’re looking for an organization that’s professional, will do a great job from start to finish, will ask the right questions and fill in the gaps where you need, 3 Aspens is definitely the team to work with.” – Ashley Jackson

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3 Aspens Media Helps Enavate Showcase Value with Case Studies