3 Aspens Media is a B2B content marketing and strategy firm. We help companies like yours use marketing content to distinguish your business. We position you as a resource your customers can depend on.

We offer the following writing and editing services a la carte or, for even more impact, as an ongoing program to maximize impact for your business or organization’s top line.

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We specialize in industrial distribution and manufacturing markets, but have worked with companies across industries. Learn more.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of content online and offline to support your overall marketing and growth goals. The goal is not to push your product or service explicitly. Rather it’s about establishing yourself as an expert or resource for your potential and existing customers. It’s about building trust with your target audience, and developing a funnel of inbound, rather than outbound, leads. We’d love to talk with you about how content marketing can help your business grow.

Content Strategy/Planning

OK, so you have a content marketing plan or just general marketing strategy in place. It includes blogs, whitepapers, case studies and other content. It can be overwhelming to put pen to paper and execute on that plan. Our experts have backgrounds in publishing and content planning, which means we can help you take your ideas and translate them into a content strategy and schedule, complete with topics, distribution channels (social media, blog, industry publications, etc.) and dates. We can also help you execute on that plan.


Whitepapers are critical to a successful lead-generation strategy on your website. They also provide a channel to provide insights on a topic for your existing and potential customers. We’ll take care of your whitepaper from start to finish, including refining the topic, research and design.

Case Studies

Case studies, when done right, are a powerful medium for marketing your business. Let your customers speak for you. Showcase your value. We’ll take care of your case study from start to finish. Get tips on writing effective case studies in our blog.

Blog Posts

Blogs are critical to both showcasing your expertise and boosting web traffic; Google loves websites that are constantly updated. We recommend posting regular blog posts to your website, whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly. But we know that while you have lots of ideas for blogs, you may not have the time. That’s where we come in. We will create a blog schedule, interview you, and write the blogs for you, so that you never have to worry about an outdated blog ever again.


Video is a powerful tool to illustrate and support your value proposition. We can support all forms of video, including helping you build an animated or whiteboard video.

Website Copy

Revamping your website? Or does your website content need a refresh? We will work with you to identify what your customers care most about and refine your messaging to hit their pain points and offer solutions. We also specialize in organizing website content to maximize its impact for you, complete with calls to action and a focus on lead generation, depending on your marketing goals.

Contributed Articles to Magazines/Websites

Penning a guest blog for a relevant industry publication can provide big bang for the buck ($0). We can work with you to refine your ideas and write a contributed article; we can also interview you and write the article for you.

Website Redesign

Let us help you reorganize and freshen up your website, whether that be a minor redesign or a major overhaul of your current site. We can cost-effectively manage your website redesign from start to finish with an eye on optimizing your website to meet your marketing goals.

Public Relations/Press Releases

As former editors, our team knows the media and what editors are looking for. We’d be thrilled to help you write press releases and pitch your stories to editors. We have a particular focus on the industrial distribution and manufacturing industry press, but our expertise applies regardless of industry.


3 Aspens Media can help you self-publish your book, including outlining, writing, editing and graphic design. We can also consult on effective marketing and website promotion for your finished product.

E-Newsletters/Email Marketing

Email continues to be the most effecting marketing channel you can use, if done right. Engage with us to build or run your email marketing campaigns. We prefer to work with companies in a holistic way, integrating an overall content plan with your email and other marketing strategies to ensure maximum marketing impact.

Research Reports

You’ve commissioned the research, or you’ve completed a survey on a topic that matters most to your customers or your association members. Or you’ve identified an issue affecting your industry and you need someone to interview experts in the field to get to the heart of the potential impact. We specialize in translating complex issues into real-life implications for businesses, so they have the data to respond effectively.

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Whether you just want us to be the last line of defense against typos, or you need a deeper edit or rewrite, we can help. Send us your existing and new whitepapers, case studies, blogs, articles, website copy or other content, and we’ll make sure it’s polished and ready for publication.

Training Resources

Take the resources you have and the knowledge your most experienced team members hold dear and get it on paper. We’ll help you build a library of knowledge that will help you pass on skills to the next generation of leaders in your organization.

Documentation Content

If you’re a software company, you know how important it is to provide simple and easily searchable documentation for your users. We can help you build out an online help site for your product. We provide content planning and organization; editing; and writing. If you have printed or PDF documentation and need to move that online, let us do the lion’s share of the work.