This Month We Look at Refinement: Our Favorite March Reads

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    It’s our job to stay updated on marketing and content marketing. Since we know you have other priorities, we have combed through the latest and greatest on the web to curate some of our favorite insights, tricks and tips about content marketing and business. 

    Our 5 Favorite Content Marketing Reads (From March) 

    1. Local SEO Guide: Expert Tips on Improving Your Local Rankings

    Optimizing for local search means making sure you show up where it matters: in the city or town where you do business. You may have a stellar SEO strategy, but if you ignore the geographic information you can take advantage of, you’re doing a disservice to your local audience.  

    Get found near you > 

    1. Does Your Landing Page Answer These 5 Questions?

    Whether you’re trying to sell a product, build a list or get someone to sign up for your events, you need to master the landing page. Asking these five questions will help you stick the landing on these necessary pages.  

    Get a 10/10 on your landing pages >  

    1. Content Bottlenecks: How to Keep the Engine Running

    As marketing becomes more complex, more people with diverse skill sets engage with it in ways that can lead to bottlenecks down the pipeline. Jimmy Daly offers tips to help you keep production moving without losing your mind in the process. 

    Break through the blockage > 

    1. The Productivity Hack That Helps Me Tackle My Content Marketing To-Do List

    Everyone is busy. Our to-do lists are overflowing. How do we manage to keep it all together? Randi Neville shares the productivity hack that helps her get work done: The Eisenhower Matrix. It’s a different way of looking at your task list, gauging the importance and urgency of each.  

    Enter into the matrix >  

    1. 3 Fundamental Editorial Standards for Any Serious Publication

    Setting standards is key to producing consistent content across the board. You cannot expect the best results with an “anything goes” approach. Stefanie Flaxman lays out the standards she follows to ground her content without squashing creativity.  

    Set your standards > 

    This Month We Look at Refinement: Our Favorite March Reads