Texas A&M University’s Talent Development Council Finds Newsletter Success with 3 Aspens Media

Texas A&M University’s Talent Development Council (TDC) was created by three faculty members of the Industrial Distribution program: Dr. Bharani Nagarathnam, Dr. Norm Clark and Evan Vestal. This council has been conducting research for the distribution community for over five years and is made up of over 30 industry partners. The TDC serves as a platform for industrial and construction distributors and manufacturers from multiple verticals to network and collaborate with one another. Their goal is to identify best practices for attracting, developing, managing and retaining talent in the workforce with real-life methods.

The team wanted to begin sending an informative newsletter specific to the Talent Development Council, Talent Matters. Nagarathnam was familiar with 3 Aspens Media from our past work with the Texas A&M Master of Industrial Distribution program, and he reached out to engage us to assist with the creation and distribution of this newsletter.

As part of this effort, 3 Aspens Media interviews members of the TDC about what is happening in their companies regarding talent, people and culture, their pain points and what they are seeing in distribution. We then identify tips and topics from our interviews that the industry will benefit from. We compose the weekly email to inspire others to think outside of the box to improve their workforce and talent practices. Upon approval from the council, 3 Aspens Media moves forward with design and distribution of this weekly newsletter.

Since our initial email on March 23, 2022, we’ve worked closely with TDC to distribute a new piece of advice from the distribution industry each week. Over the lifetime of this newsletter, we’ve watched the audience grow to over 4300+ subscribers and have consistently maintained a 37% open rate.

“The Texas A&M Talent Development Council team enjoys working with the 3 Aspens team. They are professional writers and creative content creators and helped us launch the Talent Matters micro-learning email series. We can be certain that the Talent Matters newsletter is delivered on time, every time!”

– Dr. Bharani Nagarathnam, Associate Professor of Instruction, Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University’s Talent Development Council Finds Newsletter Success with 3 Aspens Media