Our Marketing Must-Reads: Landing Pages, Content Marketing ROI & More

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    We read a lot, and we’re on a lot of email lists. We like it that way, but we know you might not have the time to read every piece on marketing and content that comes your way. In the spirit of sharing, we will occasionally share links to our favorite tips, tricks and insights from around the web on content marketing and business in general. In this content round-up, we share some of our favorites.

    Our 5 Favorite Content Marketing Reads (This Month)

    1. “8 Content Distribution Ideas to Meet Your Brand’s Goals” from MOZ

    What distribution channels make the most sense for your brand’s goals? How do you create content that will perform well in these channels? Content strategies should be driven by your company’s defined goals. Whether you’re looking to achieve brand awareness, organic traffic, lead generation or revenue, this article from MOZ has some good strategies for meeting those goals.

    Read the article on MOZ.

    2. “How to Build a Landing Page: 15 Things to Double-Check” from HubSpot

    Are you wanting to create a landing page to generate more leads? This comprehensive checklist from HubSpot helps ensure you don’t miss a crucial step. Read more about everything from creating effective landing page headlines to optimizing your image’s alt-text.

    Read the article on HubSpot.

    3. “Selling Isn’t a Game, It’s a Puzzle: Author Ian Altman on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]” from MarketingProfs

    Author Ian Altman discusses his book, Same Side Selling: How Integrity and Collaboration Drive Extraordinary Results for Sellers and Buyers on the Marketing Smarts podcast. Learn more about how marketing and selling are changing and how we can collaborate to improve the outcome for both sides.

    Listen to the podcast on MarketingProfs.

    4. “Contently Explains: How Content Marketing Makes Money” from Contently

    If you are wondering how content marketing actually helps your bottom line, this article is worth your time. Find out more about how B2C and B2B companies can drive revenue through effective content and measure the ROI accurately.

    Read the article on Contently.

    5. “How to Stop Thinking About Work (Even When the Workday Is Over)” from Trello

    The research shows that more and more Americans are continually plugged in to work even when they aren’t working. Detaching from work and giving your brain a break is an important way to ensure you’ll be a better employee and more engaged when you are working. This article from Trello suggests four ways to unplug during your off hours.

    Read the article on Trello.

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    Our Marketing Must-Reads: Landing Pages, Content Marketing ROI & More