LinkedIn Tricks, Page Speed & the Word ‘Blog’: Our 5 Favorite Content Marketing Reads (This Month)

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    We read a lot, and we’re on a lot of email lists. We like it that way, but we know you might not have the time to read every piece on marketing and content that comes your way. In the spirit of sharing, we will occasionally share links to our favorite tips, tricks and insights from around the web on content marketing and business in general. In this content round-up, we list some of our favorites.

    1. I’ve been creating content on LinkedIn for 1.5 years, I came to share my learnings.

    Turns out, like every other content platform, LinkedIn uses algorithms that rank, test, and optimize posts to keep users engaged. Reddit user SpicyCopy shares their experiences with the LinkedIn algorithm and offers tips on how you can best optimize your content for your followers.

    Read the article on Reddit.

    2. Page Speed Optimization: Metrics, Tools, and How to Improve — Best of Whiteboard Friday

    Your website’s page speed can be a technically challenging topic. However, it is also a necessary topic to tackle, especially as more of your business shifts to online. Britney Mueller shares tips and tools on how you can speed up your site’s performance. Stop losing customers to slow page speeds.

    Read the article on Moz.

    3. Tools to Help Your Content Marketing Team Be Successful

    The workplace has taken on new meaning and it isn’t clear when we’ll be returning to normal if at all. Having the right tools to help your team work together, whether that’s in a socially distant workplace or from remote locations, is critical. Shane Barker offers tools and tips to keep your team working together no matter how far apart you are.

    Read the article on Content Marketing Institute.

    4. 12 Tried-and-True Ways to Improve User Experience

    Your website is everything these days, an extension of your brick and mortar store experience.  Learn how to optimize your site in a way that engages with customers. Emma Brudner outlines the keys for a successful UX for your web and mobile presence.

    Read the article on HubSpot Agency.

    5. A Professional Content Creator’s View on the Word Blog

    Chances are that you have some pre-conceived notion of what a blog is. As it turns out, blog is a word with different meanings for different folks. Acadia Otlowski from HIPB2B offers creative solutions on how you can get readers to your blog no matter what you call it.

    Read the article on HIPB2B.

    LinkedIn Tricks, Page Speed & the Word ‘Blog’: Our 5 Favorite Content Marketing Reads (This Month)