Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2021: SEO, Content, Web Design and more.

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    We read a lot, and we’re on a lot of email lists. We like it that way, but we know you might not have the time to read every piece on marketing and content that comes your way. In the spirit of sharing, we will occasionally share links to our favorite tips, tricks and insights from around the web on content marketing and business in general. In this content round-up, we list some of our favorites.

    Our 5 Favorite Content Marketing Reads (This Month)

    1. 8 Habits You Should Have for Quality Content Marketing

    As we head into a new year, start by building these habits to create quality content for your marketing efforts. Ann Gynn covers how to create content experiences, content that attracts, content that has purpose and more.

    Read the article on Content Marketing Institute.

    2. 5 Stats to Improve Your 2021 Marketing Strategy

    We’ve had to adapt a lot this year, but adapting is old hat in marketing. Katherine Kim offers up some key findings that will help you evolve your marketing tactics into 2021.

    Read the article on Sprout Social.

    3. 12 SEO Trends to Know for 2021

    Find out how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is set to transform in 2021. With AI and Voice Search playing larger roles, you’ll want to know how to adapt. Connor Lahey from Semrush discusses these two trends as well as 10 others you should follow into the new year.

    Read here on Semrush.

    4. Email Design Trends: What We’re Expecting in 2021

    Are you looking for ways to up your email marketing game or just looking for a little refresh? Lily Worth offers up several trends and great examples of what to watch for in 2021 such as simplicity, tangible content and subtlety. 

    Read more on Litmus.

    5. 5 Hot New Web Trends for 2021

    2021 web design is all about fine-tuning the visuals on your site. From better UX for your ecommerce pages to detailed data visualization, Tom May offers up his insights on how to stay on top of the latest web design trends.

    Learn about these trends over on Creative Bloq.

    Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2021: SEO, Content, Web Design and more.