LINC Systems and 3 Aspens Media Produce a Wealth of Content Customers Love

LINC Systems offers fastening, industrial and packaging supplies and automation solutions across multiple industries. LINC Systems contracted with 3 Aspens Media to unify messaging among their acquisitions and update their website to highlight products, services and expertise in featured industries.

The 3 Aspens team created content for their website by:

  • Discussing the overall objective for the updated website content.
  • Creating questionnaires for the sales team to determine LINC’s value proposition.
  • Interviewing sales teams to learn what products and services LINC provides specific to each featured industry.
  • Working with marketing director to determine the best formats for webpage content.
  • Organizing webpage framework and relevant links to include.
  • Writing and editing web page copy along with providing suggestions for videos, graphics and quotes.

3 Aspens Media has worked with LINC Systems since 2020, producing content such as: website copy, social media content, blogs, email campaigns, press releases, printable assets and case studies.

“3 Aspens has been integral in helping us to continually develop and publish knowledgeable long form content on our site as well as supplying us with marketing content to keep our customers and prospects engaged with our brand. Their team is always ready to dive in, research and suggest topics to keep us at the top of our game in our industry.” – Bethany Hopper, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, LINC Systems

See this example of an industry page we helped LINC put together. >>

LINC Systems and 3 Aspens Media Produce a Wealth of Content Customers Love