Leveraging Digital Marketing for B2B Visibility and ROI

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    In a previous blog, I examined the differences between traditional and digital marketing and why Digital Marketing is Here to Stay.

    The B2B market is grounded in strong customer relationships, product knowledge and expertise. With such a strong foundation, many B2B companies are uniquely positioned to embrace digital-marketing strategies to increase company visibility and ROI. Leveraging these core qualities for an authentic content-marketing strategy is critical for B2B companies to compete with large operations like Amazon.

    Previously, we looked at four key questions that any company needs to address when embracing a new marketing strategy in the digital realm. When those questions are answered, moving toward a new strategy begins with these two foundational pieces.

    Develop an Editorial Plan

    One essential component of any good content-marketing strategy is developing an editorial plan. Creating a high-quality editorial plan requires three key elements.

    The first is to think like a publisher. This means offering quality content that helps to educate a niche audience.

    Second, develop content for your target audience. Why spend time and effort creating content that no one will read? Focus on your buyers’ problems and create content that addresses those concerns and shows how your company can help solve their issues.

    Third, consider timing. Is there an industry event coming up? Consider the holidays and other newsworthy, timely items when developing your editorial plan. Weighing in on industry trends and establishing yourself as a thought leader will increase your company’s visibility and credibility.

    Create a Content-Rich Website

    A content-rich website is another component of a successful digital-marketing strategy. Outdated or basic websites are an immediate turnoff for potential customers. You only have a few minutes to convince potential buyers that your website is worth reading. Start with a customer-focused tagline or slogan. Let potential customers know what’s in it for them if they work with you.

    Next, get to the point quickly by telling visitors who you are, what you do, and what makes you unique. Lastly, avoid industry jargon that might be confusing to someone who knows nothing about your company. Use simple language, short sentences, and brief paragraphs. Avoid over-promising and traditional advertising language. A content-rich, informative website will help increase your company’s lead generation and ultimately ROI.

    In an upcoming blog, I’ll examine the elements of creating content that people want to share and join the social-media marketing conversation.

    Need help with your digital-marketing strategy? Contact 3 Aspens Media today and we can help you communicate the right message to the right audience on the right platform.

    Leveraging Digital Marketing for B2B Visibility and ROI