Goal-Oriented Content Tips We’re Bookmarking This December

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    It’s our job to stay updated on marketing and content marketing. Since we know you have other priorities, we have combed through the latest and greatest on the web to curate some of our favorite insights, tricks and tips about content marketing and business. 

    Our 5 Favorite Content Marketing Reads (This Month) 

    1. The Top 10 Content Marketing Trends for 2023

    Content marketing is evolving rapidly. From written word to short-form video you’ll find there is a lot to consider in terms of how you approach your audience. This article from The Adobe Communications Team offers up trends to keep an eye on in the coming year.  

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    1. Our Top 5 Content Marketing Resolutions for 2023

    It’s common to look towards improvement in the new year. Content marketers are setting their own resolutions on how to be better in 2023 and what to leave behind in 2022. Here, Josh Ritchie shares his company’s content marketing resolutions to get you on the right track. 

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    1. The Ultimate Guide to B2B Marketing in 2023 [+ New Data]

    Looking for a fresh start in 2023? Are you still trying to find your way after the last few years? Hubspot’s guide provides a great rundown for seasoned and new marketers alike. Sometimes we need to step back and review before we can move forward.  

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    1. 80+ Content Marketing Trends for Success in 2023

    This comprehensive list of trends is a great starting place to score some fresh ideas for 2023. A few of them may kickstart your brain or help reinforce that your strategy is on track for success in 2023. Stephanie Stahl of the Content Marketing Institute has ideas for everyone under the marketing umbrella.  

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    1. 5 Promising Ways to Improve Your B2B Marketing in 2023

    2023 is shaping up to be a big year for B2B marketing. It seems the biggest challenge is shaking the stereotype that B2B marketing is stale and unexciting. Steve Kearns shares takeaways from LinkedIn’s inaugural B2Believe event where they tackled marketing challenges facing B2B today and how to approach them in the new year. 

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    Goal-Oriented Content Tips We’re Bookmarking This December