3 Aspens Media is a B2B content marketing and strategy firm.

While we work with companies across industries, we are the only content marketing and strategy firm that specializes in wholesale distribution and manufacturing industries. Founder Lindsay Konzak was previously the editor of Modern Distribution Management (mdm.com), a leading resource covering trends in industrial distribution markets. While there, she interviewed hundreds of distribution and manufacturing executives, giving our team unique insight. About 80% of our clients target or participate in industrial distribution and manufacturing markets.


Buyers are changing how they shop. It’s time for distributors to go beyond product online. We work with distributors to develop a marketing strategy and content plan that reflects their true value proposition to their customers.


Let us complement your channel marketing strategies with relevant content and marketing strategies that can help you – and your channel partners – sell more.

Software & Cloud Services Providers

We work with technology companies to translate their benefits to key decision-makers through a comprehensive plan that includes case studies, whitepapers, social media, email marketing, webinars and more.


Get your knowledge down on paper. We can help with blog posts, email newsletters, web copy, contributed articles for industry publications and even books.

“You brought a fresh perspective to marketing (not just email blasts). Your understanding of the industry and how sales and marketing should work together is refreshing. Thanks again and keep up the good work.” – Brian Gardner, Founder, SalesProcess360


We have experience developing and publishing content for associations, including turnkey e-newsletters, articles and books. We can also help you extend the life of research conducted for your association by producing blogs, articles, reports and books around the results.

Download our Association Content Services Brochure.

Professional Services Providers

We can help companies offering services to other businesses, such as insurance and logistics, reach their target market with a customized marketing strategy and content that speaks to their potential customers’ needs.


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